Dr. Tim Welch - Oral Surgeon at Northwest Oral & Implant SurgeryWelcome to our website! This section has been developed specifically for our referring doctors and their office teams. While the technical aspects of surgery have fascinated me for years, the joy of my work comes most deeply from the relationships I have developed with our referring doctors, their teams and their patients.  I have learned that feedback is always a gift in any form, and I welcome it.
Our practice has become the preferred location for wisdom teeth and implant surgery for a variety of reasons.  I love doing this type of surgery, and have done it for years, which is a huge benefit.  But it is our commitment to continuous improvement that really has, and will continue to set us apart.  Using the feedback from our patients on our anonymous 60-second quality cards, and from the suggestions of doctors and their teams committed to our joint success, we  continually make improvements to ensure the health, safety, and comfort of our patients.  Think we can improve?  Send me a note or call me. Let’s work together!

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