Connective Tissue Grafting

Northwest Oral & Implant Surgery – Eugene OR

Connective tissue graft is done in our office to improve the appearance of your smile in conjunction with implant therapy to receive an ideal result. A connective tissue graft is needed when there is an area that needs more gum tissue where the implant will be placed.

Since an implant acts as a root for your tooth you may need a more gum tissue to cover the root to get the best result. This procedure is done by using a thin layer of connective tissue, which is harvested from the roof of your mouth (palate) and attached in the gingival area with fine sutures.

The tissue that is removed from the palate is under the surface tissue and the area is sutured shut for a less painful and quicker healing time. It may seem like gum grafting is an intimidating procedure, but is a very common option to improve the aesthetics of your smile.

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