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What is Coronectomy?

A coronectomy is a procedure in which only the crown of a lower wisdom tooth is removed, leaving the root intact.

When would I want it?

A coronectomy should be considered if the patient is trying to improve gum and tooth health in the back of the mouth while also trying to avoid potential numbness.

X-Rays showing a tooth receiving a coronectomy

Why would I need it?

Patients should consider coronectomy if x-ray evidence shows the roots of the tooth are in close association with the nerve that supplies feeling to the lower lip and chin, and if removing the whole tooth may cause permanent damage to that nerve.

Diagram showing risk factors that might indicate that a coronectomy is the preferred treatment option

What are the results?

  • About 70% of the time, the roots remain buried in the bone.
  • About 25% of the time, the roots “float” up away from the nerve. If they pierce through the gum tissue, they are removed. If they stop half-way, then they are monitored with x-rays.
  • About 5% of the time, the roots move during the procedure and any advantage is lost – the whole tooth is removed and the nerve is at risk. On rare occasions, the roots may become infected and need to be removed, putting the nerve at risk.

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