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Welcome to our website! We built this site specially for you, as a source of information about us and the services we provide, and to share educational information about oral and maxillofacial surgery in general. Our team at Northwest Oral & Implant Surgery is eager to welcome new and returning patients here to our office.

We hope that you will find the information and functions on this site useful. Thank you for your interest in our practice.

Referrals mean the world to us! We appreciate the trust and support that you show when you refer those closest to you to our office – in fact, we consider it the highest compliment we can receive from our patients! We look forward to meeting your friends and family, and will offer them the same care that you received during your visits here with us.

“Please call us if you need more information. We are here to help.”

You may be experiencing dental anxiety, having reservations about your treatment, or perhaps you need more information about your options. This is completely natural! We understand your concerns and welcome your questions, curiosity, and anxieties as we embark together on your road to improved oral and systemic health in our safe, caring environment.

Thank you for visiting us.

– Dr Welch and Team

Our passion is to deliver compassionate care in a professional manner, to provide a safe, friendly & prepared environment in which to receive that care, & more. Call us!

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