Important Information Regarding COVID-19

To all of our wonderful patients and their families:

Safety has always been our culture, and our response to the unique challenges of COVID 19 is no exception. You will always be in safe hands at our office.

In addition to our already stringent safety practices, we have recently implemented changes to help ensure that each person who visits has a safe and reassuring experience during this uncertain time. The following are some of the positive enhancements we have added to:

Our Lobby and Check-in Process

  • To simplify check-in, we are asking all new patients to complete our Online Registration by clicking here before scheduling their first appointment with us.
  • Signage and Plexiglass dividers have been installed at front desk and finance desks
  • Minimize overlapping appointments to limit patient interaction
  • Removal of toys, magazines, coffee counter and other “high touch”or hard to disinfect items.
  • Single use pens
  • Safe distancing markers on the floor
  • Frequent wiping/sanitation of lobby in-between visits
  • Our entire office is fogged with hypochlorous acid multiple times per day
  • We have installed 2 floor and 2 undustrial grade wall unit HEPA air disinfecting purifiers.
  • Our office has purchased and installed iWave air purification devices in our HVAC.

Our Exam Process

  • Patients, doctors and staff practice social distancing with strategically placed seating.
  • Physical plexiglass barriers for all exam room desks
  • Individual consultation rooms to minimize contact with other patients
  • We are asking drivers and guests to stay in their car unless the patient is a minor or in need of assistance

Surgical Updates

  • We are using two high speed, high volume extra oral suction systems.
  • We’ve added full face shields and N95 masks to the gowns, gloves and surgical attire we already use in our Personal Protective Equipment
  • Additional air filters and HVAC systems (this is not a CDC guideline but has become an office standard) are being added to our surgical suites to further improve air quality and air flow during our surgical procedures
  • PCR Covid testing required pre-operatively for elective cases to ensure the safety of you and other patients 

Questions? Just ask! We welcome all questions and will always do our best to give you a simple, honest answer.

Please view and share our latest COVID-19 Symptom Comparison Chart with your friends and family.

For further information, including measures to keep yourself healthy, visit the following links: